Boy Meets World (1993-2000): 1×05 “Killer Bee”

Episode: Killer Bee (1×05)
Director: David Trainer
Teleplay: Susan Estelle Jansen
Main Cast: Ben Savage, William Daniels, William Russ, Betsy Randle, Will Friedle, Lee Norris, Rider Strong, Lily Nicksay
Guest Cast: DeJuan Guy, Nikki Cox,  Gisele MacKenzie, Branelle Dahl, Laurel Diskin, Tom Kelly, Thomas Wilson Brown
Original Air Date: October 22, 1993


Mr. Feeny is announcing who earned the highest geography grade.  Before he can get the name out, Cory loudly interrupts, saying it must be Minkus.  And, it was Minkus, who tells Mr. Feeny that the quiz’s bonus question was tricky.  Shawn throws a wad of paper at Minkus’ head.  Mr. Feeny hands back the assignments.  Cory’s indignant that he got a “C” because he studied for this exam, for once, and wants to know why.  Mr. Feeny points out that “East Germany,” one of Cory’s answers, no longer exists.  Two episodes in a row where Cory sucks at geography, now.  Cory asks if this occurred while baseball season was happening.  Cory says that his textbook has East Germany adjacent to West Germany.  Mr. Feeny agrees, because the textbook also says that Alaska and Hawaii will make excellent states in the future.  Oh gosh, so apparently I wasn’t the only 90s kid learning about The Soviet Union from “current” maps, after all!  Mr. Feeny explains that the Board of Education is not in a financial position to regularly update textbooks.  Cory wants to know how he’s supposed to stay up-to-date.  Mr. Feeny suggests watching the news and increasing classroom involvement.  He reminds the class that he gives them mimeographs (!), and suggests that the students refrain from using them as paper airplanes.  Shawn sails one into Minkus’ head.  Cory asks what the point of learning geography is if it’s constantly changing, and he compares it to math (2 + 2 is constant), science (Earth orbiting the Sun), and history (Lincoln gets shot).  Mr. Feeny wryly says, “Lincoln got off easy.”

Shawn is a regular Curt Schilling!

Shawn’s a regular Curt Schilling!

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