Meet Us!

Who Are Geoffrey and Claudia?

We are two former English majors with nothing better to do than review and wax nostalgic about our childhoods.

What We Are Doing?

Reviewing as much from our childhoods from as possible.  We will be featuring films, tv shows and possibly the occasional commercial/music video

When Are We Focusing On?

The 90s, with occasional overlap into the late 80s and early 00s.

Where Are We Focusing On?

US-based media, mostly.  We were both born and raised in America, so that’s what our childhood experiences reflect.  There may be the occasional foray into Japan or England, depending on its import status at the time.

Why Are We Doing This?

A bit of boredom, a bit of the English-major drive to write, and a whole lot of love and fascination by the 90s decade.  We  think that the 1990s decade was a special time in terms of television, movies, and the burgeoning VHS and cable markets.  Naturally, we wanted to discuss specific TV series and movies from this era, so we have joined the legion of 90s bloggers and reviewers.  The biggest answer to “why” is we that think it’ll be awesome!

How Will We Do This?

The written word?  We are reviewing some shows and movies jointly and some separately.


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