Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (1993-1997): 1×20 “Green With Evil: Eclipsing Megazord (Part IV)”


Go Go, Power Rangers!

Go Go, Power Rangers!

NOTE: This being what I call “The Green Ranger Saga.”  The next 6 weeks will focus on this saga alone, five episodes and one big closing post of analysis and thoughts.  Subsequently, there will no closing commentary for each individual episode beyond the final thoughts.

Episode: Green With Evil: Eclipsing Megazord (Part IV)
Director: Robert Hughes
Teleplay: Gary Glasberg & Stewart St. John
Cast: Amy Jo Johnson, Jason David Frank, David Yost, Walter Jones, Thuy Trang, Austin St. John, Paul Schrier, Jason Narvy, David Fielding, Richard Steven Horovitz, Richard Genelle, Barbara Goodman
Original Air Date: October 8, 1993
Reason for Inclusion: Introduction of the Green Ranger/Tommy, plus being a pretty epic 5-part series

Previously: Rita brings in Scorpina to the party.  Jason manages to escape from Goldar.



We open with Goldar attacking downtown Angel Grove.  The Rangers attempt to morph, but sparks fly everywhere.


Alpha 5 informs them that there is a power surge caused by their beam searching for Zordon…there is nothing they can do.

Meanwhile on the moon, Rita is plotting to use a solar eclipse to knock out the power to the Megazord, and then send Green Ranger in to finish off the Rangers.

Turn around...

Turn around…

Meanwhile, Green Ranger has been practicing using the sword in his alternate dimension…by himself.  But has proclaimed himself ready to destroy the Rangers.

He took lessons from Link.

He took lessons from Link.


While Goldar wreaks havoc on Angel Grove, the Rangers lament their lost powers.  Billy decides that he is going to take matters into his own hands and fix the computer….


…which of course he does!  The Rangers celebrate having a computer, lights and the ability to morph again.


They arrive in downtown and begin to battle Scorpina.  She proves to be a tough adversary.


Alpha manages to establish a connection with Zordon, who tells him he is in Sector Q-9.


Goldar reaches the area near the Youth Center and Juice Bar.  Bulk and Skull refuse to leave until their ice cream is finished, however, falling ceiling tiles and air conditioning hoses quickly change their minds.  They decide to use the Youth Center’s bus as their means of escape.

Mmm...ice cream

Mmm…ice cream

As Alpha desperately tries to get the computer to lock onto Zordon’s coordinates, Green Ranger appears.  He sneaks up behind Alpha and removes a power chip from Alpha.

And then he donkey punches him....

And then he donkey punches him….

Rita takes her magic bicycle down to earth and tells the Rangers all is over.

She took lessons from Ms. Gulch.

She took lessons from Ms. Gulch.

Goldar picks up the bus containing Bulk and Skull (naturally), and threatens to crush them.  Rita sends them to the beach.


Green Ranger begins trying to send Zordon to a new dimension again.

They like this angle for Zordon. A lot.

They like this angle for Zordon. A lot.

At the beach, Bulk and Skull are perilously balanced in the bus and Putty Patrollers are trying to push it over a cliff…

Never let go...

Never let go…


The Rangers desperately want to save Bulk and Skull, but Goldar is standing in their way.


Green Ranger desperately wants to get rid of Zordon, but has to dialogue with him first.  Alpha reveals that his back up system has kicked in and he traps Green Ranger in a force field.


Back at the beach, the Ranger summon their Zords, and are able to use Megazord to save Bulk and Skull in the nick of time.


Rita sends Scorpina into battle, and using her wand makes her grow into a scary massive Scorpion thingy.


Scorpina and Goldar battle the Megazord until it falls to the ground.  The Rangers decide they can try to summon the Power Sword, in hopes that it will help them recharge enough to win.  The Power Sword does temporarily boost their power.


Back at the Command Center, Green Ranger continually taunts Alpha. However, before Alpha can unmask him, Rita summons him to battle and makes him grow as well!


They begin to battle, but the Rangers don’t have enough juice to win the battle.  First Scorpina uses her tail stinger something to attack…


…then Goldar and Green Ranger finish off the Megazord with some laser beam magic of their own.


A fiery pit opens up, and as Megazord falls in, the Rangers are thrown to the ground.


The Rangers watch helplessly as their Zords are consumed by the Earth.


Back at the Command Center, the Rangers lament the events of the day.  They believe themselves to be beaten.  Jason and Alpha give them a pep talk, reminding them of who they are.  However, they aren’t hearing it.  Suddenly the computer interrupts that while Green Ranger was trapped in the force field, it began analyzing him.  To the Rangers’ shock, horror and dismay, it is revealed to be Tommy.


Final Thoughts

This episode is more action-heavy than the previous episodes.  The story is coming together, and it keeps its A rating.


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