Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (1993-1997): 1×19 “Green With Evil: The Rescue (Part III)”


Go Go, Power Rangers!

Go Go, Power Rangers!

NOTE: This being what I call “The Green Ranger Saga.”  The next 6 weeks will focus on this saga alone, five episodes and one big closing post of analysis and thoughts.  Subsequently, there will no closing commentary for each individual episode beyond the final thoughts.

Episode: Green With Evil: The Rescue (Part III)
Director: Robert Hughes
Teleplay: Gary Glasberg & Stewart St. John
Cast: Amy Jo Johnson, Jason David Frank, David Yost, Walter Jones, Thuy Trang, Austin St. John, Paul Schrier, Jason Narvy, David Fielding, Richard Steven Horovitz, Richard Genelle, Barbara Goodman
Original Air Date: October 7, 1993
Reason for Inclusion: Introduction of the Green Ranger/Tommy, plus being a pretty epic 5-part series

Previously: The Rangers slowly attempt to fix Alpha and find Zordon.  Jason gets kidnapped by Rita and Goldar and is imprisoned in another dimension without his morpher.



We open with Goldar trying to kill Jason in the alternate dimension.  Jason is thankfully able to avoid detection amongst the fog.


Rita decides to bring Scorpina into the fold.  First, a giant rock rolls from a mystical forest…


…up a flight of stairs…


…and finally she appears.



At the Command Center, the Rangers and Alpha are still desperately searching for Zordon, but the signal is too weak to hold.  As Alpha continues his work, the team decides to split up to try and find Jason.


Jason is still managing to hide in the fog, and uses this to launch a surprise attack on Goldar.


Kimberly is at the Juice Bar looking for Jason.  Ernie hasn’t seen him and expresses his concern.  Bulk and Skull offer to help search, in exchange for kisses.  Kimberly successfully dupes Skull into kissing Bulk.


Kimberly bumps into Tommy and asks if he has seen Jason.  Tommy tells her that Jason stood him up that afternoon and then makes a snide remark about Kimberly being worried.


Zack shows up and tells Kimberly he hasn’t had much luck with his search.  Kimberly tells him that Tommy said Jason had been a no-show, which doesn’t jive with Zack.  Zack decides to follow up on this.

Back on the moon, Rita is spying on Kimberly and Zack and decides to cause them some problems.


At the park, Kimberly and Zack find Tommy, however before they can reach him, they are ambushed by Putty Patrollers. After the Putties leave, they comment on how odd it was that the Putties seemingly ignored Tommy.  Both of them agree that something is up and decide to return to the Command Center.


Meanwhile, Goldar and Jason are still battling it out in the alternate dimension.


The Green Ranger appears and tells Goldar to leave, as Rita has now given Jason over to him.  The Green Ranger tells Jason that he is evil and belongs to Rita and that soon they will rule all.


Meanwhile, in the Command Center, Billy has been able to fix the communicators, which may help them rescue Jason.  Alpha also has good news, he announces that in 15.2 minutes, the computer will have located Zordon…which is an oddly specific number.


As Jason and Green Ranger battle it out, Jason manages to find his Power Morpher.  However, before he is able to use it, Green Ranger steps on his arm.


Meanwhile, Rita and friends celebrate the return of Scorpina.


Back at the Command Center, Billy has managed to find Jason and will be able to teleport him back…but first he has to manually input the coordinates…will he make it in time?


Green Ranger is standing over Jason with the Evil Sword of Darkness.


However, Billy manages to rescue Jason with very little time to spare.


Goldar chastises Green Ranger for failing to kill Jason, and tells him he will have to stay for a while in the alternate dimension.


Back at the Command Center, Jason fills the others in on his adventure.  He doesn’t get far before Kimberly and Zack realize that Tommy lied to them.  Before they can do much, however, the alarm goes off and they learn that Scorpina is attacking the Warehouse Section of Angel Grove.  The Rangers morph into action.


At the Warehouse Section/District/Whatever, they begin to battle Scorpina.


Goldar fears that Scorpina is too outnumbered, so they pull her back from the battle…while Rita applies makeup.


They decide to send Goldar back down to Earth.  Rita tells her henchmen she is working on a spell to eclipse the sun, which will force the MegaZord to loose power.  Because apparently, it’s solar powered.


Back in our alternate dimension, Green Ranger is practicing his karate.

He's secretly auditioning to play Cassie in A Chorus Line.

He’s secretly auditioning to play Cassie in A Chorus Line.

The Rangers are back at the Command Center and discuss the weird events. Alpha is again briefly able to reconnect with Zordon, however, they can’t get any information out of him before he’s gone again.


Rita sends Gigantic Goldar to Earth to cause more havoc…the Rangers worry what this will mean….



Another A episode.  This one got a bit convoluted in a few spots, but overall they kept the energy going and kept the story moving.  There are two episodes left…


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