Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (1993-1997): 1×18 “Green With Evil: Jason’s Battle (Part II)”


Go Go, Power Rangers!

Go Go, Power Rangers!

NOTE: This being what I call “The Green Ranger Saga.”  The next 6 weeks will focus on this saga alone, five episodes and one big closing post of analysis and thoughts.  Subsequently, there will no closing commentary for each individual episode beyond the final thoughts.

Episode: Green With Evil: Jason’s Battle (Part II)
Director: Robert Hughes
Teleplay: Gary Glasberg & Stewart St. John
Cast: Amy Jo Johnson, Jason David Frank, David Yost, Walter Jones, Thuy Trang, Austin St. John, Paul Schrier, Jason Narvy, David Fielding, Richard Steven Horovitz, Richard Genelle, Barbara Goodman
Original Air Date: October 6, 1993
Reason for Inclusion: Introduction of the Green Ranger/Tommy, plus being a pretty epic 5-part series

Previously: New kid Tommy shows up in Angel Grove with mad karate skills.  Kimberly crushes on him.  Rita does too, and kidnaps him and makes him the Evil Green Ranger.  As Evil Green Ranger, Tommy trashes the Command Center, exposes Alpha 5 to a virus and sends Zordon to dimensions unknown.



The Rangers are examining the destruction of the Command Center, lamenting about the Green Ranger and the loss of Zordon, recapping the previous episode for those who missed it.

To be continued...

Billy and Trini are working on repairing Alpha 5, who had been exposed to a computer virus.  Their attempts are successful, but they still have lots of unanswered questions.


Meanwhile on the moon, Rita is gloating over what success they’ve had so far.  They plot to give Green Ranger the Evil Sword of Darkness.

This looks like a Legend of Zelda item...

This looks like a Legend of Zelda item…


Tommy is teleported back to the alley he was kidnapped from, and Bulk and Skull stumble upon him.  They decide to teach him a lesson, because they clearly learned nothing in the episode before this one.   Tommy’s eyes flash green and scare Bulk and Skull away.

Not creepy at all...

Not creepy at all…

At the Juice Bar, Jason is working through some major aggression with a punching bag.  He and Zack discuss the Green Ranger and come to the startling conclusion that he must be the one who destroyed the Command Center and must be in league with Rita.  Well, they say it in less Holmesian dialogue, at least.


At the Command Center, Billy and Trini are working with Alpha to repair the building.  Alpha tells them that if they can get the main generator up, he can find Zordon.  Billy says that it’s doable but will take time.

Ai yi yi yi yi...

Ai yi yi yi yi…

Meanwhile at Angel Grove High School, Kimberly sees Tommy in the hallways and boldly approaches him about his absence the other day.  He tells her was busy and she tells him that she had been a bit worried.  He then tells her that she isn’t the center of everyone’s world and that there are more important things.  She walks away heartbroken.


Meanwhile on the moon, Goldar declares that Green Ranger should face a test before he can have the Evil Sword of Darkness…by battling the Putties…again.  So, Rita and Company head on off for earth to watch said battle.

Heigh ho, heigh ho, to watch a battle we go...

Heigh ho, heigh ho, to watch a battle we go…

Naturally, he is victorious. So, Rita gives him the Evil Sword of Darkness.  He declares that the Red Ranger is his first target.

Nice mesh shirt, Tommy.

Nice mesh shirt, Tommy.

Back at Angel Grove High School, Jason is looking for Tommy and finds him…because it’s a TV show and he has to.  He asks Tommy for a raincheck on working out together to which Tommy creepily responds, “I understand.”  No sooner than he turns his back, our little Norman Bates in training uses his Power Coin to zap Jason to an alternate realm.


Jason seems confused by this…for once, his confusion is appropo.


Kimberly and Zack are at Billy’s garage waiting for Jason so they can join Trini and Billy at the Command Center.  Apparently, Billy and Trini are so smart they don’t go to school anymore.

Is he entering Stage left?

Is he entering stage left?

In his strange prison, Jason futilely tries to contact the other Rangers.  Goldar appears and tells him that if Jason wants to leave, he has to win a battle against Goldar…sans Morpher.



Jason attempts to get his Morpher back from Goldar. And fails.


Zack and Kimberly get tired of waiting for Jason, and take the Radbug to the Command Center.  Along the way Kimberly mentions that Tommy’s behavior has changed oddly.


They arrive at the Command Center, where Billy has managed to get the Viewing Globe up and running…just in time for them to see that the Green Ranger and the Evil Sword of Darkness (great band name…).  They can somehow pinpoint the area Green Ranger is in and they make plans to Morph and take him on.


Jason continues to battle with Goldar. Unsuccessfully.  Goldar tells him that while he can destroy him at any moment, Jason is a present from Rita for his loyal service, and he wants to play first.  Classic Evil-Villain Mistake.


The Rangers go into battle against Green Ranger. Unsuccessfully.


They summon their Zords to try and take him on.  Somehow, they are able to call the Tyranosaurus DinoZord to create MegaZord.  After shooting a laser beam at the MegaZord they are able to reflect it back upon Green Ranger.  He takes the hint and leaves.


Jason is still attempting to use his communicator, even though it’s been made totally clear that it won’t work.  Goldar taunts Jason some more.

That's a big sword you have there, Goldar.

That’s a big sword you have there, Goldar.

Back at the Command Center, Alpha manages to momentarily make a connection with Zordon, who tells them very little due to static and drop outs.


Goldar continues to taunt Jason, and finally manages to pin him on the ground.

to be continued...

to be continued…


Again, a pretty solid A episode.  Some of the villain stuff was tedious, as were Jason’s repeated attempts to use his communicator.  Jason David Frank gives what is probably his best performance in this episode, which is good and bad.  The suspense is growing…


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